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New Album Incoming!

The wait is over! Orders for SilverTongue are now available in the Open Wire Store for only $30,  and is available on all streaming and download services.





Upcoming Shows

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Formed in 2011, Open Wire hails from the streets and seas of Cape Fear, rampaging through their high-voltage rock 'n' roll curated by years of full-throttle shows and tours.

More a clan of brothers than bandmates, their sleek yet gritty sound drifts between heavy metal thunder and laid back grooves.

Riffing in between anthemic classic rock and modern aesthetics, Open Wire exists in between the white spaces, lightning frantically racing to ground.

This classic Power-Four is comprised of the precision beatdowns of drummer Phil Milligan, the crisp, bold pluck and slap of bassist Eric LeRay, the dirty riffs and shredding soul of guitarist Dan Wuensch, and the growl and howl of vocalist Matt Thies.

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